Serving our community... one flavor at a time.

Daddy O'Brien's Irish Ice Cream Pub is the perfect addition to any corporate event. Inside or out, Daddy O'Brien's carts are very attractive and can be wheeled into any double door. We bring a great selection of insanely delicious Hand Crafted Gourmet flavors, with or without alcohol, and serve right from the carts. Our delicious ice cream is served in Daddy O's signature Irish green cups or in fancy martini glasses for the high end events.

Guaranteed the best ice cream you have ever tasted.

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Here are just some of the events that we cater to:

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Company Picnics
  • Graduations
  • Employee Appreciation Festival
  • Sporting or Community Events
  • Open Houses
  • Private Parties
  • Trade Shows, Conferences
  • Holiday Parties
  • Homemade Ice Cream Service
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah's

Choose up to Six Flavors

• $6 pp. plus staff fee* (70 person minimum)
• Over 200 people = $5 pp. plus staff fee*
• *Staff Fees: $100 per 100 guests

Sundae Bar

Includes Chocolate and/or Caramel Sauces, Whipped Cream, Cherries and nuts served in Cups. Choose Six to Eight Flavors

• $7 pp. plus staff fee* (60 person minimum)
• Over 200 people= $6 pp. plus staff fee*
• If you have more than 200 and would like to offer our small 4 oz cups = $5 pp. plus staff fee*

Ice Cream Sundae

Alcohol Infused Ice Creams

Great for Weddings and Corporate Special Events. Can be served in Martini Glasses for the Hi End events or in our traditional Daddy O'Brien's 6 oz and 4 oz cups. We bring a selection of non alcohol flavors as well.

• $7 pp. plus staff fee* (70 person minimum)
• Over 200 people= $6 pp. plus staff fee*


Family Friendly Flavors

Hand Crafted Gourmet Ice Cream… the Ultimate Comfort Food… Insanely Delicious

Adult Flavors

We offer a line of “Adult” flavored Ice Cream such as our Margarita, Blueberry Wine Sorbet, Kentucky Salted Caramel with Maker's Mark bourbon, Baileys with Toasted Marshmallows, and “The Dude” (White Russian).

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