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Omg I can’t say enough about how delicious their food is. We have had Shepard’s pie ,bangers and mash , the Galway sandwich and the chicken salad panini . All yummy yummy my fav is the Galway I don’t know what the secret sauce is but it’s amazing!! We haven’t tried the ice cream because we were so full from the food but next time for sure !

Jessica - May 7, 2020

OH My GOODNESS! An amazing Irish pub, with original Irish family recipes! Mrs Lori and Mr Daddy O have knocked it out of the park with this restaurant! The items we’ve had are, Shepard’s pie with green beans , corn beef and cabbage, chicken and wafffles, the Reuben, clam chowder, Wow, what can I say?! This place rocks. What’s for desert you ask? Bread pudding, Drunken ice cream made by daddy O himself. If you prefer, they also have non alcoholic ice cream flavors. This place is a new favorite for us local Gwinnett residents, but I would drive across country to eat here. It’s that Amazing! If you stop in and see Mrs Lori or Daddy O, tell them Keith sent you! They’ll take real good care of you!

keithmT5912SE - Mar 20, 2020

The best Shepherd's Pie I have ever had. It's Mrs. O'Brien's own recipe. The atmosphere was great and the service was superb. And I dare you to find better ice cream, you won't!

Michael A Hopkins - Mar 20, 2020

Out of all the small restaurants I have been too this year daddy o is by far the best I have been to. Thank you to all that make this place amazing. I look forward to coming back even from two hours away.

Matt - Jun 29, 2019

You have to try the cannoli ice cream . It’s awesome !!!

Nedra - May 27, 2018

Blown away! The ice cream was phenomenal! Service was spot on. Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. We only had ice cream this time, but still be back for the food. If it's anything like the ice cream it's going to be awesome. Plus the ice cream can be alcohol infused...... enough said.

John B - Mar 25, 2018

Your food is SO delicious! Literally the best dessert I have ever had. And the thing is, your food is really yummy too! I can to eat there three nights in a row. Literally. Thank you for your delicious food! I love Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Icecream Pub!!!

Gabrielle Beck - Mar 24, 2018

I took my father and aunt and uncle, who happen to be O’Briens, for a late lunch and a pint. We had a great time! The staff was super friendly, the owners talked with us, and we went home with 2 pints of delicious ice cream! Definitely will go back!

Cathy Sullivan - Feb 16, 2018

This is my Favorite Irish Pub on EARTH! They are a family Run Business, will always greet you with a smile,  the food is traditional and delicious!! Great Sandwiches, Shakes, Soups, and some Great Soups as well! If you're looking for a great place in Sugar Hill that really cares about its customers I'd say come to Daddy O Briens for sure!! 

Lee O - Jan 29, 2018

A little birdie whispered in my ear about the Crown Me with Bacon ice cream. I automatically wanted to try it due to the name but was elated to try it once I knew it was “adult” ice cream. Yes, adult ice cream with liquor. Let me tell you, I got to sample several flavors once I walked in and it blew my mind! I took home 3 kinds; Regal Apple, Rum Raisin (get a designated driver if you tackle a pint) and Kentucky Salted Caramel. We ordered the Rueben and the Chicken Boom Boom; we were pleasantly shocked by the taste and the bread! We are reeling about this gem of a place. If you’re not able to have the adult ice cream then try the Butter Beer it is an easy favorite! Absolutely going to be a regular place to eat and entertain! Thank you Mommy O!

Sunny - Jan 2, 2018

You ROCK Lori! Thank you so much! Followed ya'll on fb since your Duluth cart days and very happy and impressed to see what you've accomplished. Truly amazing. The kind of place that makes an area unique and 'home'. Stellar. Seriously, we're sitting there, enjoying Robin, your whole experience and saying "it'd be hard to retire away from this place..."

Karan Harp - Sep 7, 2017

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Such a cute and inviting atmosphere. Was only able to try the adult ice cream this time. But that alone hooked us!!! We tried 8 different flavors.....holy smokes. So delish. The Staff was so helpful and friendly. Even if we did show up 20 minutes before closing...sorry guys. We were desperate to try!! We cannot wait to go back and try some food....and of course some more ice cream!!

Molly Ann - Aug 7, 2017

I have followed DaddyO's from the food truck circuit to their own storefront. The ice cream is the best I've ever had! And their Irish fare and sandwiches are equally impressive, not to mention the awesome decor and atmosphere! Favorite flavors include Drunken Oreo, Blue Hawaii, Madagascar Vanilla, and Dole Whip (just like at Disney!). Love to get the ice cream nachos to dip cone pieces in the ice cream. I've had the pleasure of talking to the owners a few times and they are really nice, hardworking folks. Go check them out!

Sarah - Jul 17, 2017

Daddy O'Briens is amazing. We used to only get their alcohol infused ice cream and fairs and festivals but since the fools at Duluth City Hall banned them and every other food truck (because a local restaurant may or may not have served something similar) WE WENT TO THEM. No regrets at all. We brought our 19 year old son who was our DD just in case. He had some pretty delicious ice cream and then rest of us had all kinds of different alcohol infused. Mickey Blue Eyes (jack and coke) and the ice cream flights were awesome. There are so many flavors. The staff and owners are fantastic and enjoy chatting with customers as well as answering questions. Kudos to Daddy O'Brien's for having reasonably price desserts (and meals!) OTP. We WILL be back! Maybe tonight... :)

Jill - Jul 8, 2017

I've only been here three times so far but every time I visit, everyone has been very kind. I love that the flavors change with the season and I got to enjoy some of the Key Lime Pie flavor yesterday! (And I even got a taste of the Coconut Margarita one! You can definitely taste the Margarita part lol) I am excited they've added sandwiches to the menu. I tried the Turkey Panini and it was really good! My 1 1/2 year old had the grilled cheese and annihilated it haha! Robin has been my server the past few times and she's always so happy and sweet to my little guy. He waves at her now (he might be in love lol) and she's always very helpful with making selections. I hope you continue to thrive as this is a lovely and unique place to bring my little guy to!

Katy Volkmar - Apr 12, 2017

Great day today enjoying crepes and tasting multiple ice cream flavors. Also had a pre-tasting of a Masters inspired flavor soon to be offered...wonderful! Best service, outstanding product all enjoyed with great friends. Excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon!!

Kevin Wiley - Apr 7, 2017

My wife and I went with my in-laws and our kids and we had a really good time! When you hear alcohol infused ice cream, you expect I've cream with maybe a hint of liquor or something. No...you can definitely taste the liquor. I had the "Crown Me..." something...I apologize I can't remember the name. It was a sweet Belgian waffle with bacon baked in, plus a scoop of Crown Royal infused ice-cream, with a side of bacon crumbles to sprinkle on top. Absolutely amazing! Every bite was like a little shot of Crown. Everyone enjoyed their food and the portions are just right. It's a nice little spot and we can't wait to try more.

Mike Florence - Apr 1, 2017

Daddy Obrien's is a unique place to have a beer. ..or have a beer in a ice cream! They also serve waffles, crepes, and other tasty items. The "adult" ice cream menu is very creative mixing many well known favorite liquors and shots into flavors of ice cream to craft a truly unique dessert experience. I have gone twice since opening and have always experienced great service in a ice cream pub atmosphere.

Zak Mawhinney - Mar 23, 2017

Amazing product from amazing people! I cannot say enough about the taste and quality! It is absolutely amazing!

Brad Brown - Oct 17, 2016

I attend this event in Duluth and had a chance to try this ice cream. It was so delicious! I usually eat dinner before dessert but this was so worth it! So many favors to choose from!

Michaela - Aug 25, 2016

I love this~ best ice cream in The Southeast..! period

Jeff Braner - Aug 15, 2016

I first tried this at a concert in Sugar Hill last year. I was hooked. Since then I have become somewhat of a dealer (LOL), My office knows when Thursdays @ the Hill are and sends me running for 6-8 pints of delicious!

Lisa Ramsey - Jun 29, 2016

I first tried this at a concert in Sugar Hill last year. I was hooked. Since then I have become somewhat of a dealer (LOL), My office knows when Thursdays @ the Hill are and sends me running for 6-8 pints of delicious!

Lisa - Jun 29, 2016

Absolutely one of the most unique establishments I have visited. I have traveled up and down the east and west coasts along with Midwest. There hasn't been a place that can touch this ice cream shop with adult flavors! I look forward to going through the entire flavor list!! Keep up the great work!

Ricky Simmons - Jun 17, 2016

So incredibly rich and creamy

Jane and Jim - Jun 3, 2016

I get the Daddy O'Brien's Ice Cream every time they are at Food Truck Fridays in Duluth. I have my green cup that gets me a discount whenever I bring it. Their ice cream and sherbets/sorbets are delicious.

Lori John Edwards - Apr 8, 2016

had their OMG chocolate ice cream, and it is aptly named. All of their flavors are innovative, well made and scrumptious. was amazing. They came and sold ice cream at a Park Ridge HS football game, and helped make money for our marching band. There are a lot of chain ice cream shops around, but Daddy O'Brien's is special. Their unique flavors, as well as their appeal for adults who like the idea of ice cream with a buzz, would make them an awesome draw for any downtown area. In addition, Daddy and Mom O'Brien are personable and a pleasure to be around. I could easily see their pub becoming a popular place to hangout after a day of shopping or dinner out.

Ruth Bernstein - Apr 8, 2016

we first discovered Daddy O'Brien's Irish Ice Cream Pub at Duluth's Food Truck event. We were drawn to the different and exotic flavors they were offering. You can go to any generic ice cream place and get the typical flavors, but people are really looking for new and exciting flavors and combinations. Daddy O'Brien's Irish Ice Cream Pub offers that and so much more.

Jennifer Green Hutcheson - Apr 7, 2016

Original DaddyO's is what a lot of followers know and love! Been a follower nearly two years now go to all Sugar Hill events and go for the special adult ice cream! Guaranteed to continue great success especially with these two fabulous entrepreneurs!

Kathy Harting - Apr 6, 2016

The concept of Daddie O's ice cream is unique. This couple has a passion for their product and their business and their community. They use local fruits for the best tasting ice cream I've ever had.

Jana Oliver - Apr 2, 2016

Daddy O's is fabulous handmade ice cream, with or without liquor. Daddy and Mommy O are friendly, funny, business owners with integrity and a strong community spirit.

Ruth B - Apr 1, 2016

You guy's are the best very friendly and cool people. Thanks for the tasty Grasshopper and Blackberry ice cream.

Tim Wortham - Mar 21, 2016

Thanks! I shared the ice cream at work and as you know the word I kept hearing was OMG!

April Arnold - Feb 25, 2016

We are ice cream connoisseurs and give this ice cream 4 thumbs up. OMG Chocolate is good enough to be OMFG!

Cydnee Duprof - Jan 26, 2016

I had all 3 of your adult flavors at my corporate function and I can say it was out of this world! The Dude was amazing, the Irish coffee ice cream was astonishing and the Drunken Oreo made me call a DD! Can't wait to share your flavors with my friends!

Greg Wozniak - Jan 25, 2016

I just tried some adult Ice cream for the first time and it's absolute heaven!!! I'm not finished yet and I already want more

Tanisha Alaya Bess - Oct 12, 2015

Tried the Drunken Oreo at Thursdays on the Hill in downtown Sugar Hill and found a new favorite ice cream pub!!!!! Can't wait til the store front opens. You can bet we will be regulars.

Billy Schiefelbein - Oct 12, 2015

Went to Food Truck Friday's in Duluth. Someone told us we NEEDED to try the ice cream. So I got 1 scoop of Chocolate OMG & 1 scoop The Dude (this was highly recommended). And OMG is fitting!!! Such a great combo and the flavors are amazing! My husband got the Drunken Oreo, he loved it!!! They have great ice cream, a variety of flavors & the portions are hefty! Definitely need to go again.

Sara Pacheco - Oct 12, 2015

All things good in the world combined! Ice cream and liquor! These people were wonderful and let us sample three amazing flavors. We can't wait to get more!

Kati Mitchell - Oct 12, 2015

Oh my goodness! I had the Butter Pecan Cookie, it was the absolute best ice cream I have ever eaten in my life! Hope to see them at every Duluth Food Truck Friday Event!

Jackie Montalto - Oct 12, 2015

I was having a good night until I ran into the best ice cream I've had in probably 40 years ~ I would like to give a big shout out to Daddy O'Brien's and recommend their "Makers Mark Flavored " ice cream:Kentucky Salted Caramel ~. I've tried all the others over the years and I have to admit ~. (I do have a taste for the ice cream) but this "Makers Mark with the Daddy O secret recipe and combination is out of this world and probably will never ever be able to be topped . I highly recommend you check out my good friends Lori and Frank the operators and owners of "Daddy O'Brien's ~ I'm not sure of the ratio of ice cream or content of the blend?! but I taste a franchise in the making..!

Jeff Braner - Oct 10, 2015

Awesome! I had the caramel bourbon ice cream and it was amazing!

Jeff Ausburn - Sep 28, 2015

Highly recommend Ol' Blue Eyes and The Dude's White Russian flavors! Rocking desserts! Thanks for participating in the Leadership Gwinnett party at Lake Lanier.

Bill Wellman - Aug 17, 2015

Tried the Drunken Oreo at Thursdays on the Hill in downtown Sugar Hill and found a new favorite ice cream pub!!!!! Can't wait til the store front opens. You can bet we will be regulars.

Billy Schiefelbein - Aug 8, 2015

AMAZING!!! Enjoyed meeting ya'll today at the Gwinnettworking session. Thanks for the opportunity to indulge in the heavenly flavor of Irish Coffee

Crystal Dunn Bradberry - Aug 8, 2015

Amazing ice cream. I love there unique spin on ice cream. Super delicious.

Ross Carter - Aug 8, 2015

So creamy and smooth! Kentucky (Bourbon) Salted Caramel is delicious! Can't wait to have you open here in Sugar Hill.:)

Alynn Carol Grace - Aug 8, 2015

My roommate Lindsey introduced me DaddyO's and it is SO yummy! We are addicted! Highly recommend

Alycia Viola - Aug 8, 2015

Love the jack and coke ice cream! The reusable cup with a future discount is awesome!

Amanda Branom - Aug 8, 2015

Oh my goodness! I had the Cookie Butter Pecan, it was the absolute best ice cream I have ever eaten in my life! Hope to see them at every Duluth Food Truck Friday Event!

Jackie Montalto - Aug 8, 2015

DaddyO's catered an event at my company, Home Depot, and provided fast and friendly service. But the ICE CREAM...OMG!! The Caramel Crunch is STUPID delicious! There are no other words for it. The texture is perfect, and the flavors are AMAZING. I can't wait to try more of the flavors. Definitely some of the best ice cream I've had!

Melissa B - Aug 3, 2015

Had the Firehouse Cream. Holy moly was that tasty!

Jeff Ammons - Jun 13, 2015

Drunken Oreo ice cream mixed with Chocolate OMG ice cream - all hand made with natural, high quality ingredients from my good friends at DaddyO's! Can't be beat!

Laura Jenkins - May 24, 2015

We tried three different flavors in L'ville last night. All were EXCELLENT!

Jay Franks - May 17, 2015

Please come back to Lawrenceville! Your ice cream is better than any we have ever eaten, and we have eaten a lot. Mel's Birthday Cake was perfectly wonderful.

Becky and Kait - May 17, 2015

Genuine ice cream from genuine folks. Haven't tried a flavor I didn't like yet and I've tried a lot!

Tim Cooper - Apr 18, 2015

I had two scoops of Adult Ice Cream and both were fabulous. The liquor was strong enough to be distinctive not just the wimpy hint of most alcoholic ice creams and the effect was of a really nice ice cream cocktail. I am looking forward to my next two scoops of Irish Coffee and Kentucky Bourbon Salted Caramel. This is my favorite food truck find yet.

Dana Camille Dragonduck - Apr 18, 2015

Brusters is good, don't get me wrong, but your ice cream is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. !!!

Lilliane M Coldwell - Mar 24, 2015

The ice cream was awesome. Our athletes told me I ruined ice cream for them forever now. Because nothing else would be as good.

Jen - Mar 16, 2015

That German Chocolate Cheesecake ice cream was awesome!! Brandon S. Hembree Mayor Pro Tempore City of Sugar Hill

Brandon Hembree - Mar 3, 2015

Now these guys got the ice cream we'll be eating in heaven!

Jim Ware - Mar 3, 2015

DaddyO's Pumpkin Ice Cream is like going home to Mom's.

Cliff - Mar 2, 2015

Amazing! Nothing beats Homemade!

Josh Robblee - Jan 30, 2015

DaddyO’s Ice Cream is the BEST ice cream I have ever melted in my mouth!

Shamein - Jan 29, 2015

Wowza, your ice cream is phenomenal! Let me know when you open. You have got to try their ice cream and tell all your friends in Gwinnett… Daddy O’s = a delectable delight!!! You’ll find no other flavors like theirs… Holy Cannoli!!!

Tammie Allman - Jan 29, 2015

DaddyO’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream is the BEST ice cream I have ever eaten.

Durenda - Jan 29, 2015

You guys are unbelievable! Blueberry wine sorbet? Are you serious? This is the best flavor yet!

James Nicholas - Jan 29, 2015

Had some Guinness McGinness ice cream at the Atlanta Tradebank Expo and fell in love!!!! This stuff is amazing :) - at Gwinnett County Fair.

Annie Carter - Jan 29, 2015

This ice cream is better than the ice cream at where I work!

Can't Say! - Jan 29, 2015


Zachary - Jan 29, 2015

Best ice cream EVER!!

Michael Gibney - Jan 29, 2015

This ice cream business is the bomb diggity! Had it for the first time on the Square in Lawrenceville yesterday morning and it's incredible! Two thumbs up for the Root Beer, the Chocolate OMG, the Vanilla and the Key Lime Pie! You will not be disappointed - they have great customer service as well.

Lillian Coldwell - Jan 29, 2015

DaddyO’s Ice Cream rivals the best ice cream shops in NYC.

Rachel - Jan 29, 2015

The Pistachio was amazing!! So glad we happened upon your booth!! Hopefully we'll be seeing you guys again!!

Angie Iacono Finnegan - Jan 29, 2015

Flaming pumpkin ice cream at the park last Thursday! Incredible!!! Can't wait to try another amazing flavor this week:] - at Dunwoody Food Truck Thursdays.

Myranda Bates - Jan 26, 2015

Had the Irish Coffee and Bailey’s & Pistachio tonight at at the Duluth food truck event. They were fabulous!

Joanne Bosmans - Jan 26, 2015

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