Welcome to Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream Pub where everyone is family.


Resist Everything But Temptation…For Gourmet Ice Cream

Traditional Irish ice cream recipes meet the flare and style of the modern day at Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream Pub! Offering gourmet ice cream for the whole family as well as their homemade alcohol-infused ice cream creations Daddy O’Brien’s is a one of a kind experience!

Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream Pub & Eatery is where ice cream cravings go to die. You’ve been to the usual ice cream shops. Now, prepare yourself for something different. The first spoonful could quite possibly change your life. The world will look different. Flowers will bloom. Birds will sing, and music will play. You’ll suddenly have answers to nagging problems. In fact, our gourmet ice cream has the potential to bring world peace, but hey, let’s take it one spoonful at a time.

Why Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream? Because our head ice cream chef , Frank O’Brien, fondly known as Daddy O looks like a six foot leprechaun, so we just went with it. Plus, we’re Irish and that automatically makes us much more fun. Go Irish or go home. Just consider Daddy O’Brien’s Ice Cream Pub & Eatery home. _G1A59521-small

We have ice cream flavors that bring up the best memories and create new ones. Remember as a kid, how you loved the taste of the last few Lucky Charms floating in milk? Well order up some Lucky Leprechaun. It’ll take you back. Our Kentucky (Bourbon) Salted Caramel has won awards, and you’ll feel like you won too after a bowl full.

Come share a pint with us!

Whether you toss back a spoonful of Toasted Coconut Almond or Aunt Marty’s Chocolate Cake (100 year old family recipe. We throw in the whole made-from-scratch cake and ribbon it with the homemade frosting) or something a bit more naughty, we’re happy to see you at Daddy OBrien’s. What’s naughty when it comes to gourmet ice cream? Think alcohol ice cream. Hmm. Here’s just a few samples:

  • Kentucky Salted Caramel- Winner of the 2014 Iron Scoop Competition, this one is chock full of Maker’s Mark bourbon and ribbons of Salted Caramel in vanilla ice cream.
  • Guinness McGinnis- If you love stout, you will love this recipe from Dingle Ireland. And if you don’t, you may have to get a licking from our Mascot, McGuinness, who happens to be a pit bull.
  • Irish Coffee-Espresso Ice Cream infused with Jameson Irish Whiskey. This will wake you up and chill you out at the same time.
  • O’Baileys Irish Pistachio-A recipe straight from Ireland. Won 3rd Place in the 2015 Flavor of the Year competition by the National Ice Cream Association. Oh it’s to die for!
  • Ol’ Blue Eyes-Jack Daniels and Coke. Sinatra’s cocktail of choice.
  • Drunken Oreo-You may need a designated driver. Just kidding!

Ice Cream + Alcohol = Happy Dance!

Click here for a full list of gourmet ice cream flavors

Eat gourmet ice cream like a champion at Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream Pub and Eatery. Visit our restaurant  opening soon at 5910 Suwanee Dam Rd Ste 400 , Sugar Hill, GA. As an Irish Ice Cream Pub, you can “belly up to the bar for a cold one!” We will offer beer and wine and specialty cocktails and a line of  “Adult” flavored Ice Cream such as Margarita, Blueberry Wine Sorbet, Baileys with Toasted Marshmallows, and “The Dude” (White Russian). Or you might like to try our homemade Belgian Waffles, homemade Crepes, and Poffertjes, Hot Soup and the Savory special of the day. We will have Coffee and the “Hot Scoop” (coffee or hot chocolate with a scoop of Ice Cream and whipped cream.)  The combination of sweet, creamy ice cream and a touch of alcohol is simply divine!

Daddy O makes his Homemade Gourmet Ice Cream from the finest ingredients. We don’t skimp on quality. You will taste the difference. Daddy O’Brien’s Irish Ice Cream Pub’s mobile units are an Extraordinary addition to:_G1A5978-small

  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Festivals
  • Sports and School Functions
  • Community Events
  • Food Truck Events
  • Any Large Gathering

“Come share a pint with us!”

Soon to be located in Gwinnett County Georgia at 5910 Suwanee Dam Rd Suite 400 , Sugar Hill,GA.